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Symphony No : 9 (Beethoven)
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Symphony No : 9
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MCD 003338
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    - You seldom hear an unsuccessful performance of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony these days, or a successful one of the Ninth. The straightforward energy of the Fifth is easy for contemporary musicians to handle, but the greater mystery of the Ninth seems to make conductors uneasy. Conductors seldom attempt the mystical approach of Furtwängler these days, but sometimes a straightforward, sensible approach works out. Such is the case with this 1986 Solti recording, which doesn't court the dangers of Furtwänglerian extremes, but does work out very well on its own terms. Solti's tempos are quite moderate (his total timing is about the same as Furtwängler's), giving him time to make the music's points. Note his strong rhythmic emphasis in the first two movements, highlighted by prominent and powerful tympani. If the long Adagio isn't quite as moving as it can be, it's still convincing and it avoids sentimentality. With Solti's sense of structure, he manages to hold the finale together very well. The solo singers and magnificent chorus contribute powerfully to the total effect. This is certainly one of the better Beethoven Ninths in the catalog, recorded with brilliant clarity and warmth.
    - 1.I Allegro ma non troppo, un poco maestoso 2. Symphony No.9 in D Minor ('Choral'), Op.125- II Molto vivace 3.Symphony No.9 in D minor, Op.125. III Adagio molto e cantabile 4.Symphony No.9 in D Minor ('Choral'), Op.125- IV Presto
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